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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer II Budget Sheet for Global Studies in the Dominican Republic, Summer (Pre-Freshmen Faculty-Led).

Summer II Budget Sheet for Global Studies in the Dominican Republic, Summer (Pre-Freshmen Faculty-Led)
Summer II Budget Sheet for Global Studies in the Dominican Republic, Summer (Pre-Freshmen Faculty-Led)
Budget Item Undergraduate
Program Fee *   $2,265.00
Undergraduate Tuition *   $1,535.00
Billable subtotal:  $3,800.00
Room   $0.00
Meals   $30.00
Books   $0.00
Airfare   $800.00
Local Travel   $0.00
Passport   $145.00
Insurance   $0.00
Immunizations   $100.00
Miscellaneous   $100.00
Visa   $0.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $1,175.00
Total: $4,975.00
Global Studies in the Dominican Republic, Summer (Pre-Freshmen Faculty-Led)
Program dates: August  6 - August 14, 2019
3 credit hours
*This budget reflects a best estimate of expenses, but it remains subject to minor changes. Program confirmation is subject to hotel availability when application period closes.

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Cost & Financial Aid

The WMU program fee includes: Tuition, administrative fees, instructional costs, housing, most meals, ground transportation in country, international health and emergency assistance insurance.

The program fee does not include:  airfare and travel costs, passport fees, some meals, visa fees and miscellaneous expenses. Costs not included in the program fee are estimates and may vary according to individual needs and preferences. This budget does not include activities which are not part of the academic program, such as personal travel, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Program fees are subject to adjustment due to changes in actual exchange rates or other factors. In addition, programs may be modified or cancelled in the event of insufficient enrollment. Program dates are subject to slight adjustment by the home/host university.

Note: For tax purposes, the university requires the program fee billing be divided into qualified (expenses and fees related to the class or program) and non-qualified (other costs).  The total program fee equals the study abroad commitment fee plus qualified and non-qualified expenses added together.
   Program commitment fee
+ Qualified (expenses and fees related to the class or program)
+ Non-qualified (other costs)
= Total program fee

Program commitment fee:  This is a portion of the program fee which is billed after the student clicks the "Commit" button to secure their place in the program.  The remainder of the program fee is billed to the WMU student account for the semester of enrollment in study abroad credits. The program commitment fee is due within 30 days once charged to the WMU student account. After 30 days, per university accounts policy, holds will be placed on past-due balances.

Students applying for this program may be eligible for scholarships offered by the College of Arts & Sciences.

Financial Aid
Students eligible for federal or state financial aid may use their awards for studying abroad.  After a student has been accepted to the program, they must complete required paperwork with WMU Financial Aid to apply financial aid to the program costs.  It is the student's responsibility to complete the paperwork prior to departure and to maintain compliance with financial aid regulations while studying abroad (i.e., remain enrolled full-time).  Non-WMU students must apply for financial aid through their home university.

Please note: Disbursement of financial aid may not coincide with the start date of the program abroad, so plan ahead!  Some out-of-pocket costs may occur prior to receiving financial aid for the semester, such as the program commitment fee, passport, airfare, immunizations, visa or residence permit fees (if applicable).  These costs vary by program and WMU Study Abroad Specialists are available to answer questions about the program budget.
* Billable item